Muffins, Brioche & Croissants

From our 100% Butter Criossants to our individual
flow packed muffins
and bar cakes.

We cater to branded packaging for Airlines and supermarkets
Your Marketing and NPD departments dream come true.



Code Product Dimension
Weight Units/Carton
206124  100% Butter Croissant  (2 pack) 120mm 75g 40



Banana Bread

Code Product Dimension Weight Unit/Carton
725 Banana Bread Loaf 200mm 1kg 3
  Banana Bread Slice 15mm      

Banana Bread Loaf openBanan Bread slice

Rainbow Bread
vegan friendly

Code Product Length Weight  Units/Carton
 202282 Rainbow Bread Vegan        270mm      680g          4

 Rainbow loaf Vegan 680g 2


Brioche Loaf

Code Product Dimension Weight Unit/Carton
 202131              Brioche Loaf        680g            10

   Brioche Loaf

Large Muffins

Code Product Dimension Weight Unit/Carton
206201 Apple & Blueberry Muffin   180g 12
206203  Double Choc Chip Muffin   180g 12 
 206204  Raspberry & White Chocolate Muffin 180g  12 
206205 Lemon & Poppy Seed Muffin 180g 12 
206206 Apple Oat and Cinnamon Muffin  180g  12

 Apple blueberry muffin flow packed comboDouble Choc Chip Muffin comboRaspberry White Chocolate Muffin comboApple Oat and Cinnamon Muffin combo

Field mushrooms tomato and spinach Vegan round criossant web   bannana vegan round criossant burger web   croissant ham and cheese web