Turkish Range

vegan friendly option

The perfect QSR, Cafe & Catering product.
   - Portion Controlled
   - Sliced in half, the kniefless solution being adopted for safety and efficiency
   - Flow packed into clear bags to increase shelf life and preventing freezer burn
  - Versitile for breakfast, lunch and dinner as a Grab & Go, cafe, restaurant & catering.

Turkish Loaf
vegan friendly

Code Product
Weight Units/Carton
  201124 Turkish Loaf  Vegan 450mm  450g 10
Turkish loaf  

Turkish Oval
vegan friendly

Code Product            Dimension 
Weight Units/Carton
  201119 Turkish Oval Vegan 180 x 85mm  110g 36

turkish pocket group
Catering Turkish Square 

vegan friendly

Code Product Dimension Weight Units/Carton
201185 Turkish Square Vegan ( 3 Pack sliced ) 110mm x 110mm  120g 72


 TURKISH 3 sliced turkis1 small
3 turkish ham sandwhich 3 turkish ham sandwhich side 3 turkish ham sandwhich top
Turkish burger lamb burger combo front web Turkish chicken Burger bucket salad