Fruit Loaf Range

The eccential QSR, Foodservice, Cafe & Catering product.
 - Slicing increments - 12mm, 15mm, 18mm and 1"
 - Individual Flow packed packaging availible, add a personal logo printed onto the bag if required
 - Perfect for breakfast, morning tea and lunch as a Grab & Go, in a cafe or add to a cheese platter.

Raisin Fruit Loaf   
vegan friendly

Code Product            Dimension 
Weight Units/Carton
 202160          Raisin Fruit Loaf (15mm)  

285mm 900g 3
      202161         Raisin Fruit Loaf (1")   285mm 900g 3
         Raisin Slice 15mm 15mm 52g 51
      raisin loaf open oatsIMG 8073Ciabttas3pack  

Chunky Sourdough Fruit Loaf
vegan friendly

Code Product Dimension
Weight Units/Carton
202170 Chunky Sourdough Fruit Loaf 15mm 285mm 1000g 4

sourdough chunky fruitloaf

Rasin butter raisin triangle butter Raisin 1 slice butter

Chunky fruit loaf with strawberries2r Chunky fruit loaf with peach honey Chunky fruit loaf with jamr