Ciabatta Range

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The perfect QSR, Foodservice, Cafe & Catering product.

   - Portion Controlled
   - Sliced in half, the knifeless solution being adopted for safety and efficiency
   - Flow packed into clear bags to increase shelf life and preventing freezer burn
  - Versatile for breakfast, lunch and dinner as a Grab & Go, cafe or restaurant.

Ciabatta Plain            
vegan friendly

Code Product            Dimension 
Length x Width
Weight Units/Carton
301104      Ciabatta Vegan
    (3 pack sliced )   
150mm x 80mm  150gm 54 
    FC201103      Ciabatta Small Vegan
(3 pack sliced)
120mm x 80mm 120gm 60

3pack Sliced2

Ciabatta Pane
vegan friendly

Code Product Dimension Weight Units/Carton
201105 Ciabatta Pane (2 pack sliced) 180mm 130g 46

 turkish Pane

Ciabatta Stick
vegan friendly

Code Product Dimension Weight Units/Carton
201150  Ciabatta Stick  200mm 120g  60 

 Ciabatta Stick

Ciabatta Dinner Rolls           
vegan friendly

Code Product            Dimension 

Average Units weight/Carton

    205390 Ciabatta Square Dinner Rolls Vegan 60mm x 60mm  25g 250/6.25kg
   205389 Ciabatta Rectangle  Dinner Rolls Vegan 75mm x 35mm 25g 250/6.25kg
square ciabatta mini roll Ciabatta miniroll long  Square rectangula dinner roll Butter

 Ciabatta Burger Buns        
vegan friendly

Code Product            Diameter 
Weight Units/Carton

Ciabatta Bun Vegan
(3 Pack sliced) 

115mm  110g 75

Ciabatta Muffin Vegan
(3 Pack sliced)

 90mm 60g 60




Ciabatta birgers 3Pakck Final2

 ciabatta chips salad


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